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The Kelley G-Pro Series is the premiere glove designed specifically for Fastpitch! Smaller finger stalls, adjustable Velcro backs, thoughtful webbings, and perfectly sized pockets. G-Pro is suggested for serious fastpitch players ages 11 and up.
The G-Lyte is the lighter/softer version of our G-Pro Series - designed specifally for Fastpitch. Smaller finger stalls, adjustable Velcro backs, thoughtful webbings and perfectly sized pockets.
We hold nothing back on our Elevation Series. Full-grain, steerhide exterior. Softened full-grain calf and pigskin lining. Reinforced Kevlar stitching. This is a highly durable glove that requires a little bit of break-in.
The ProLine is our workhorse. It's the glove we used to build our company. We use thick, 5 oz. EnduraPro Cowhide leather throughout. If you don't mind working a little to work in a glove, this one will last you for years and years.
The Kelley Century Series features a 5 oz. steerhide exterior with a smooth cowhide interior, nylon stitching and industrial strength lacing. This glove offers the best in performance and affordability.
The Kelley Galaxy Series features a SoftPrime 3.5 oz Cowhide Shell and Lining. This glove is soft from the start, requiring minimal break-in. It's also lighter than our other gloves, making it suitable for younger players or those not playing much.
The Kelley Practice Glove (KPG) is one of the best items we sell. The KPG can truly change your game, your approach to the game, your skill level, and most importantly, your confidence level.