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Body Layerz Chill
Body Layerz Chill

PRICE: $14.95 each

SIZES: One Size Fits All

COLORS: Ice Blue, Silver, Pink, Red


30-day money back guarantee

    Every year, more people die from heat related illnesses than hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and lightning combined. We've developed a solution to the problem!
    The Body Layerz Chill is a revolutionary new body chilling product developed by Body Layerz. Our proprietary Hydro Pads have been championed by thousands of people that now depend on the Chill to provide assistance in cooling the body.
    The Chill’s proprietary "flash" evaporation provides a 15 to 20 degree long-term sustainable surface temperature differential from that of your body. Because of our hi-tech outer material and stitching, the Chill is extremely stretchable, durable, hand-washable, and VERY chillable!
    To activate the Chill, simply submerge it in tap or ice water for 15 to 30 seconds (the colder the better). The Chill will provide at least a 15 degree temperature differential. For a higher differential, simply re-dip in cold water every 1 to 2 hours or store in an ice cooler when not in use. The Chill will begin to dry 24-48 hours after the first dip. To re-activate, simply re-dip!
    The Chill is designed to be worn on your neck or head (like a headband). Wear it while doing anything! Do not use directly out of the freezer as frost bite could occur.To store the Chill, allow to hang dry (do not store it in a bag). To clean, hand wash with mild detergent or hand soap. To reactivate the Chill after it has fully dried, simply re-dip!
    We can customize the Chill with your brand, event, cause or team logo and name. Just give us a call to work it out!