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Flat Practice Glove
Flat Practice Glove

PRICE: $59.95

COLORS: Available in Black


30-day money back guarantee
  • Throws : R/L
  • Pocket Size : None
  • Web Style : Flat
  • Back : Open

The Kelley Practice Glove (KPG) is one of the best items we sell. The KPG can truly change your game, your approach to the game, your skill level, and most importantly, your confidence level. This is true for all levels, from Little League to MLB.

So how can a flat piece of leather do so much? It's really quite simple and amazing all at the same time. The KPG forces proper mechanics for catching a ball:
  • Catch the ball out front
  • Get in front of the ball - don't catch to the side
  • Have soft hands when catching the ball
  • Use throwing hand on top of the ball
  • Watch the ball into your glove
You can see a difference even after 10 catches. Get this product and it will change your game for the better. We recommend 50 to 100 repetitions per day on ground balls, double plays or even playing catch.

The KPG uses the same great leather as our stock baseball gloves, so there is no need to worry about wearing it out. Perform at live speeds with our thick leather and padding - will not hurt your hand.